You Are Not Alone The Eagles

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C G Am Am G C G Am Am G

CSay goodbye to aGll your pain and AmsorrAmowG  C 
Say goodbye to aGll those lonely nAmightAmG  Dm 
Say goodbye to aCll your blue tomGorrows
DmNow you're stanCding in the Glight Am  G  C 

I know sometiGmes you feel so hAmelpleAmssG  C 
Sometimes youG feel like you can't wAmin  Am  G  Dm 
Sometimes you fCeel so isoGlated
DmYou'll never have to fCeel that way aGgain

FYou are not aClone F 
FYou're not alConeF  G  C 

Never thought I'd fGind the road to frAmeedomAm  G  C 
Never thought I'd Gsee you smile aAmgain Am  G  Dm 
Never thought I'd hCave the chance to tGell you
DmThat I will aClways be your Gfriend

FYou are not Calone F 
FYou're not aClone F  G  C   G    Am    Am  G  C 

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Piotr Kwiatkowski
Piotr Kwiatkowski