Contribution Guidelines

1. Contribution

The Wiki Songbook is created by guitarists for guitarists. Each registered user can send studies of works or make corrections to existing texts. Contributions are rewarded with karma points.

1.1. Submitting new studies

You can send lyrics and interpretations of songs for guitar or other instrument. Before sending your study, check whether the song is not already in our songbook. You can add another interpretation of the same song only if it differs significantly from other interpretations in our songbook.

1.2. Correction of studies

If you have found an error in an existing study and would like to correct it, you can use the appropriate option. You can correct typos, spelling and punctuation errors, and formatting. You can also correct the chords if you think they are wrong.

1.3. Waiting room

  • All submitted content must be approved by the community before publication.
  • The submitted studies are commented and assessed in the Waiting Room .
  • Voting is only available 3 days after submitting the publication, so that the sender has time to make any corrections.
  • After obtaining the appropriate number of votes, the study is published on the website.
  • If the community is against publication, the entry is deleted.
  • Users with more experience have a greater influence on the decision-making process.
  • Moderators and site administrators can approve or reject studies immediately.

We encourage users to regularly browse the Waiting Room and provide feedback on submitted studies. This helps in a faster publication process and gives you a chance to correct any errors earlier.

1.4. Karma points

# Share Karma
1 Sending an arrangement of a piece for a musical instrument +20
2 Adding a study to an existing text +18
3 Sending the text or translation of the song +2
4 Correction of the arrangement for a musical instrument +2
5 Correction of song lyrics +1
6 Voting for the study in the waiting room +1

1.5 Editing metrics

Users with the rank of Sweeper Extraordinary and moderators can edit the metrics of existing songs and artists.

1.6 Official Contributor

Artists and songwriters can obtain Official Contributor status, which allows them to publish their own lyrics without going through the community verification system. Authors interested in linking their account with an artist in Śpiewnik should contact the editorial office.

1.7. Decorations

For earning the appropriate amount of karma points, users receive badges that give them greater decision-making power and greater opportunities for cooperation. The current rankings can be found on the Hall of Fame website .


Junior Musician

Karma points required: 10
Decision-making power: 10 points

Senior Musician

Karma points required: 50
Decision-making power: 20 points

Junior String

Karma points required: 100
Decision-making power: 30 points

Elder String

Karma points required: 200
Decision-making power: 40 points

Junior Sweeper

Karma points required: 500
Decision-making power: 50 points

Senior Sweeper

Karma points required: 1000
Decision-making power: 60 points

Sweeper Extraordinary

Karma points required: 2000
Decision-making power: 70 points

2. Community

2.1 The Good Scout Principle

Submitted contributions should follow formatting guidelines , but please remember that we are not professional musicians or editors. Our website is created by amateurs who devote their free time, so we should take this into account when assessing the submitted works. We all create this place together, and openness and cooperation are key to our community.

The Good Scout Principle states that studies do not have to be perfect. If the proposed version is better than the previous one, please approve it. Perhaps another person will make further corrections in the future.

2.2 Constructive Criticism

  • If you find something that could be improved, please share it constructively. Instead of focusing only on errors, provide tips that will help the author develop their skills.
  • If you notice that someone is new and may need help, try to be supportive. Remember that we all started from scratch.
  • Be open to others' suggestions. Collaboration is a key element of our community, and diversity of ideas can lead to even better developments.
  • Every contribution matters, regardless of experience or skill. Let's respect the effort of every contributor.

3. Copyright

In the Wiki Songbook you can publish your own texts and interpretations, as well as interpretations of works by Polish and foreign performers. This does not mean that we allow artists to be robbed of their achievements. The website's editorial staff constantly monitors the legal status of the publication. Part of the advertising revenue is used to pay for appropriate copyright licenses.

Also familiarize yourself with the rules for formatting studies .

Version 2.0 dated January 29, 2024