Get You in the Mood The Eagles

Lyrics and guitar chords

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E E7 A A7 x4

Oh, I Esure E7wish I could get you in the AmoodA7  
To Eget E7your self as crazy asA meA7  
But Ewe E7both know I can't even touch you, AbabA7
And EstillE7 your love is gettin' toA meA7  

E7I get so wasted in the Acity
E7Last girl I hit on Awasn't very pretty
E7I've been wastin' all my Atime in pity
E7Waitin' for you to leave your Aman

EI need you, baby
AYou drive me crazy
EThe past and the present
AAre endless and hazy
EThe moon is a weeper
AThe sun is your clown
EAnd his way of lovin'
AIs holdin' you down
E E7 A A7 x4

I'm gonna sit right down and wait for my angel        E E7 A A7
I touch her when I'm holding your hand                E E7 A A7
She's got eyes wide as you                            E E7 A A7
Bright, shinin' too                                   E E7 A A7
Sleepin' next to some other man                       E E7 A A7

But I could make you feel so good                     E7 A
If I could only make you mine                         E7 A
If you could believe that you could live without him  E7 A
I got to tell you one more time                       E7 A

I need you, baby                                      E
You drive me crazy                                    A
The past and the present                              E
Are endless and hazy                                  A
The moon is a weeper                                  E
The sun is your clown                                 A
And his way of lovin'                                 E
Is holdin' you down                                   A

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