Hotel California The Eagles

Bm F# A E G D Em F#
Bm F# A E G D Em F#
BmOn a dark desert highway, F#cool wind in my hair
AWarm smell of colitas, Erising through the air
GUp ahead in the distance, DI saw a shimering light
EmMy head grew heavy and my sight grew dim, F#I had to stop for the night

BmThere she stood in the doorway, F#I heard the mission bell
AAnd I was thinking to myself: this could be Eheaven or this could be hell
GThen she lit up a candle Dand she showed me the way
EmThere were voices down the corridor; F#I thought I heard them say:

"GWelcome to the Hotel CaliforDnia
F#Such a lovely place (such a lovely place), such a Bmlovely face
GPlenty of room at the Hotel CaliforDnia
Any Emtime of year (any time of year), you can F#find it here"

BmHer mind is Tiffany twisted, F#she got the Mercedes Benz
AShe got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, Ethat she calls friends
GHow they dance in the courtyard, Dsweet summer sweat
EmSome dance to remember, F#some dance to forget

BmSo I called up the captain, "F#Please bring me my wine", He said
A"We haven't had that spirit here since Enineteen sixty-nine"
GAnd still those voices are calling from Dfar away
EmWake you up in the middle of the night, F#just to hear them say:

"GWelcome to the Hotel CaliforDnia
F#Such a lovely place (such a lovely place), such a Bmlovely face
They Glivin' it up at the Hotel CaliforDnia
What a Emnice surprise (what a nice surprise), bring your F#alibis"

BmMirrors on the ceiling, F#the pink champagne on ice, and she said
"AWe are all just prisoners here, Eof our own device"
GAnd in the master's chambers, Dthey gathered for the feast
EmThey stab it with their steely knives but they F#just can't kill the beast

BmLast thing I remember, I was F#running for the door
AI had to find the passage back to the Eplace I was before
"GRelax," said the night man, "We are Dprogrammed to receive
EmYou can check out any time you like, but F#you can never leave"

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  • Mariusz Obrycki
    · Report · 3 months ago
  • anonim
    Basista 1
    Nie ma błędu. W amerykańskim nazewnictwie B oznacza H. Idealnie z oryginałem a dla mnie to jest najważniejsze. Jezeli komuś nie chce sie wyć albo bolą łapki może obniżyć do a. Ja dziekuję za oryginalną pomoc.
    · Report · 6 years ago
  • Mietek Roguski
    Szkoda że niema tłumaczenia na język Polski ?
    · Report · 7 years ago
  • anonim
    To nie błędy z granicą B znaczy H a F# Fis.
    Wszystko jest super pięknie brzmi.
    · Report · 7 years ago
  • anonim
    nie ma żadnego błędu, po prostu w Ameryce tak się pisze akordy
    · Report · 8 years ago
  • anonim
    a mnie sie gra lepiej nastepujaco:


    · Report · 9 years ago
  • Kostka
    ej, jak zagrać Em?
    to jest e-moll czy jak?
    weźcie mi pomóżcie bo zgubiłam kartkę jak mi to facet wszystko tłumaczył i nie wiem jak to zagrać!
    · Report · 13 years ago
  • tigro
    tak samo jak F tylko o jeden próg dalej
    · Report · 13 years ago
  • Paweł
    Jak zagrać F#?
    · Report · 14 years ago
  • Iżi
    Zgadzam się ale reszta spoko:)
    · Report · 14 years ago
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