I Saw It In The Mirror Abba

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IF saw it in theDm7 mirror
IB saw it in myF face
ThatB I'm no longerF needed
AnyG7one can take myG place
IF saw it in theDm7 mirror
When IB looked into myF eyes
'CauseB7+ something sure isF wrong
WhenB7+ this boyF cry

IF saw it in theDm7 mirror
MBy head is hangingF low
AndB I ain't too famiFliar
With theG7 feelings that IC show
IF know you say you loveDm7 me
But I'mB looking through yourF lies
ItB7+ doesn't reallyF\ bother you
IfB7+ this boyF cries
ThisB7+ boyF cry

BI-I-I-I never thought I couldC cry foFr you
ButAm honey, I willD5 miss you
'Til theDm day I die
'Til theB day I die

I saw it in the mirror
I saw it in my face
That I'm no longer needed
Anyone can take my place
I saw it in the mirror
When I looked into my eyes
'Cause something sure is wrong
When this boy cries
This boy cries

instr.: B7+ F

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Florian Pawlak
Florian Pawlak