The Winner Takes It All Abba

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Intro:|D |Bm7 |Em |A |D |Bm7 |Em |A |

I don't wanna Dtalk about the things we've Agone through
Though it's hurting Emme, now it's historAy
I've played all my Dcards, and that's what you've Adone too
Nothing more to Emsay, no more ace to Aplay

The winner Dtakes it all, the loser Bm7standing small
Beside the Emvictory - that's her Adestiny

I was in yourD arms, thinking I beAlonged there
I figured it made Emsense, building me a Afence
Building me a Dhome, thinking I'd be Astrong there
But I was a Emfool, playing by the Arules

The gods may Dthrow a dice, their minds as Bm7cold as ice
And someone Emway down here loses someone Adear

The winner Dtakes it all, the loser Bm7has to fall
It's simple Emand it's plain - why should I Acomplain?

But tell me does she Dkiss like I used to Akiss you?
Does it feel the Emsame, when she callsA your name?
Somewhere deep inD-side, you must know I Amiss you
But what can I Emsay? Rules must be oAbeyed.

The judges will Ddecide, the likes of Bm7me abide
Spectators Emof the show, always staying Alow

The game is Don again - a lover Bm7or a friend
A big thing Emor a small - the winner takes it Aall

I don't wanna Dtalk, if it makes you Afeel sad
And I underEmstand - you've come to shake my Ahand
I apoloDgize if it makes you Afeel bad
Seeing me so Emtense - no self-confiAdence

D Bm7 |
But you see, the winner takes it all |(Repeat to fade-out)
Em A |
The winner takes it all... |

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