Love Of My Life Queen

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  LAove of my life you've hF#murt me  you've brBmoken my heart
  And noEw you leave me
  LAove of my lA7ife, can't you see D?
  Bring it baBmck, bring it bF#mack
  Don't tGake it aDway from me becaGuse
  YDou Bm7don't kEmnow what it A7means to meD 

  LoAve of my life, don't lF#meave me you've tBmaken my love
  you nEow desert me
  LoAve of my liA7fe, can't you seeD ?
  Bring it baBmck, bring it F#mback
  Don't tGake it awaDy from me becaGuse
  DYou Bm7don't knEmow what itA7 means to mDe
  YBmou won't remember when tF#mhis is blown over
  And eGverything's all by the wDay
Bm When I grow older IF#m will be there at you B7side to remind you
 Em How I still love you, A7I still love yDou...

Ohh, hurry bBmack, hurry F#mback
  GDon't take it awDay from me becGause
  DYou Bm7don't knEmow what it meA7ans to mDe
Bm Love of my life  F#mLove of my life
EmUuuuGm... DYeah...

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