Country Roads John Denver

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AAlmost heaven, WF#mest Virginia
EBlue Ridge Mountain, DShanendoah ARiver
Life is old there, F#molder than the trees
EYounger than the mountains
DBlowing like a Abreeze

ACountry roads take me Ehome
To the plF#mace I belDong
WestA Virginia, MountainE Mama
Take me hDome countryA roads

AAll my memories gF#mather 'round her
EMiners Lady, Dstanger to blue Awater
Dark and dusky F#mpainted on the sky
EMisty taste of moonshine
DTeardrop in my Aeye

Repeat Chorus,

F#mI hear the voEice in the moArning

When she calls me
The Dradio Areminds me of my hEome far away
AndF#m Driving down the roGad I get Am fDeeling
That I shAould have been home yEesterday, YeE7sterday...

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