Welcome To My World Elvis Presley

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A Bm E7 A D A

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Welcome to my BmworldE,
Won't you come on AinG  F#m   
Miracles, I BmguessE 
Still happen now and AthenE  A 

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F#mStep into my BmheartE 
Leave your cares beAhindG  F#m   
Welcome to my BmworldE 
Built with you in AmindD  A 

EKnock and the door shall be Aopen
ESeek and you will Afind
EAsk and you'll be AgivenF#    
The B7key to this heart of EmineF7   F#7      E7  

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I'll be waiting BmthereE 
With my arms unAfurledG  F#m   
Waiting just for BmyouE 
Welcome to my AworldD  A 
ANa na na na BmnaE 
EWelcome to my Dwo-Ao-Bmo-Aorld

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Henryk Dexter
Henryk Dexter

Information about the Song

Piosenkę wylansował Jim Reeves w 1963 roku. Opracowanie dotyczy wykonania Elvisa Presleya z koncertu Aloha From Hawaii, który odbył się w Honolulu International Center Arena, 14 stycznia 1973 roku