All In All Lifehouse


  • Song lyrics Redakcja
Standing on top of the edge, it feels like it's going down
Everything stays in my mind, feeling in a daze on the ground
Feels like it's gonna give, life's too hard to live anymore
I think I've had enough things too tough
I'm out the door

All in all it's just another day now
You're falling down
What you gonna do
Standing on top of the world tonight
No one's looking back at you...
Stand tall
It's going on
It's going on
It's gonna be just fine
You're holding on
Holding on today...

Things don't stop and the others announced they're moving on
Salt and tears in the minds, in the mouths of a bad decision
Too late for another mistake, it's bringing me down
With all your faults, it isn't your fault
What's going on


So you lost yourself
So you lost your way
Found life through someone else
But you threw it all away


Time's rolling on
Rolling on today
It's going on
Going on today

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