I Just Called to Say I Love You Stevie Wonder

Lyrics and guitar chords

  • Guitar chords Intermediate The Tonal Key C
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C7+ No New Year's CDay    C7+ to celebrate C 
C7+ No chocolate cCovered candy hearts to give aDmway Dmmaj7(9)        
DmNo first of springDmmaj7(9)        
No song to siDmng
IDmmaj7(9)n fact here's Dmjust another ordiGnaryC day
C7+ No April rain C 
C7+ No flowers bloCom
C7+ No wedding SatCurday within the month of JuDmne  Dmmaj7(9)        
But what itDm isDmmaj7(9), is something trueDm 
MaDmmaj7(9)de up of theDmse three words that I Gmust say to yoCu
CI just Dmcalled to Gsay I Clove you
CI just Dmcalled to Gsay how much I Amcare
CI just Dmcalled to Gsay I Amlove you
And I Dm7mean it from the bGottom of my hCeart
C7+ No summer's hiCgh
NC7+ o warm July  C 
C7+ No harvest mooCn to light one tender August DmnighDmmaj7(9)t       
No autumn DmbreezDmmaj(9)e      
No falling Dmleaves
NDmmaj7(9)ot even time Dmfor birds to fly to sGouthern skiCes
NoC7+ Libra sunC   noC7+ HalloweCen

NoC7+ giving thanksC to all the Christmas joy you DmbrinDmmaj7(9)g       
But what it Dmis,Dmmaj7(9) though old so nDmew
To Dmmaj7(9)fill your hearDmt like no three words Gcould everC do
CI justDm called tGo say IC love you
CI just Dmcalled to Gsay how much I Amcare
CI just Dmcalled to Gsay IAm love you
And Dm7I mean it from tGhe bottom of my hCeart

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