Gone Before You Met Me Alan Jackson

2 months ago
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Instrument: Guitar
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tuning: E A D G B E


E F#m E F#m

EI had a Adream last Enight
EI was floating dF#mown that black Ewater
EKick back on the AMississippEi
EOn a raft with oF#ml' Tom SawyeEr
EHe got restless Adown around MempEhis
EThat's F#mwhere he left me
ESaid I'm one Arambling Eman
EI was gone F#mbefore you met Eme

E A E E F#m E

EAnd there I was Aback in my hometEown
EThat's just F#mhow dreams Ego
EThumb in the air wanted Aout of thEere
EHeading mF#my own roEad
EWell I hitched a ride with this Abeatnik gEuy
ESaid looks F#mlike you read me
EMy name isA Jack KerouEac
EI was gone befF#more you met Eme

You got your hAomeboys, your Ehang-around-boys
BYou fix that roof bEut your roots to the ground-boys
APink house, the wEhite fence
BPretty little woman, tBwo point five
AKids, dang right, iEt's a good life
BWith boys like me yourE bound to run the wild side
ALike the restless windB you'll never cF#atch me
AI was gone before you Emet me

E A E E F#m E x2

EAnd just before AI awokEe
EI had a F#mbad nightmEare
EI was on Asome lost Ehighway and you wF#mere nowhere Enear
ESomeone took your Ahand I wasn't thaEt man
EGirl, it sF#mure did hit me
EI was cussingA fate but it was Etoo late
EYou were gF#mone before you mEet me

BYeah, I smelled that coffee
BI heard you singing in the kitchen
A G#m F#m E
BWalking in got a kiss, yBou said the sink still dripping
A G#m F#m E
EThank God I'm still driven
F#m E

You got yAour homeboys, Eyour hang-around-boys
BYou fix that sink bEut your roots to the ground-boys
ABlue house, tEhe white fence
BSweet little woman, Brocking that good
AMiss dang right, iEt's a fine life
BHis restless heart Efound a heart I can call mine
AI was smart enough to Elet love catch F#mme 

ASo Tom and Jack just rBambled on withoutF#m me
A'Cause I was gone before you Emet me A   E 
EGone gone, gF#mone before you met mEe
EGone beF#mfore you meEt me

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