A New Day Celine Dion

Lyrics and guitar chords

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Em 022033
C x32033
G 3x0033
D xx0232
A x02220

[Verse 1:] Em C G D
I was waiting for so long
For a miracle to come
Everyone told me to be strong
CHold on and doEmn't shedD a tear

Through the darkness and good times
I knew I'd make it through
And the world thought I'd had it all
But I was waiting for you

[Pre-CHORUS:] Em C G D
Hush now I see a light in the sky
Oh it's almost blinding me
EmI can'C;t believe I'vGe been touched Dby an angeAl with love

CLet the rain come down Gand wash Daway my Emtears
Let it Cfill my soul aGnd drown my fDears
Let it Cshatter the waGlls for a Dnew Emsun
CA new Gday hDas cEmome

[Verse 2:] (same as verse 1)
When it was dark now there's light
Where there was pain now's there's joy
Where there was weakness I found my strength
All in the eyes of a boy



[Ending] Em C G D
Hush now I see a light in your eyes
All in the eyes of a boy

I can't believe I've been touched by an angel with love [x2]

Hush now
A new day

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