Caledonia Amy Macdonald

Lyrics and guitar chords

  • Guitar chords Novice The Tonal Key D
D  I don't know ifA you can see
the Dchanges that have comeG over me
In theseD last few days I'veA been afraid
that ID might drift aGway
So I've beenD telling old stories andA singing songs
that Dmake me think aboutG where I came from
AndD that's the reasonA why I feel
so Dfar away todGay

And Dlet me tell you that IA love you,
that I Dthink about you all the Gtime
GCaledonia's been cDalling me, now I'm Agoing Dhome
And Dif I should become a stAranger
you know that Dit would make me more thaGn sad
GCaledonia's been eAverything I've eDver had  Dsus4     
GCaledonia's been eAverything I've eDver had

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